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Take Part in Something Great

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Putting My Experience
to Work for YOU

You want someone who understands our Washington values and will fight for your rights down in Olympia. 


*Born and raised in Washington.


*Graduated Lindbergh High School.

*Retired U.S. Navy veteran - Religious Program Specialist, supporting Sailors, Marines and their families of all faiths, which gave me a good understanding of other religions and cultures.


*Degrees in forensics, paralegal and am finishing up a Bachelors in Government (pre-law) from Regent University. 

*Lifelong volunteer, whether it be teaching Sunday School, Community Clean-Ups or taking people to Olympia to get funding for a local park.


*Served as Land Use Commissioner, community council member, Arts Commissioner, and after the death of my daughter, a parent support and community outreach coordinator.

To my Independent and Democrat friends,


I value your point of view.


If you:

*Love America and Washington

*Want to live in safety

*Believe we should stand up for the vulnerable

*Want the government to leave you alone so you can raise your family, keep more of your money and pursue your dreams


then I encourage you to vote for me. I am not afraid of the hard conversations. I am not afraid to stand up for you and I have even been known to stand up to my own party when they aren't doing right. 

                                                                                                                               - Kerry

You want someone who is able to work with anyone to protect your rights.

*Your right to be safe in your community and everywhere in Washington State.


*Your rights as parents to raise your kids  the way you see fit. 

*Your property rights. 

*Your rights to earn a living without your   job or business being  deemed "non-essential."

*The right to keep more of your money.


I have worked with community leaders and representatives to:

*Protect people from being treated unequally in our courts.


*Protect consumers with truth in food labeling.

*Protect parents rights to know what their children are being taught in school.

*Protect and educate at risk girls and their communities regarding female genital cutting.

*Co-chaired a county referendum shutting down wasteful and extravagant government spending for a "Tax Palace." 


YOU are my first priority - not special interest lobbyists. I will listen to you.

I am ready to work for you to protect our communities, our businesses, our jobs and our children.


Call me - let's talk about how to make our community better!  253-951-3721

I hope to earn your vote! 


Take Part in Something Great

Parental Rights

Your children are YOUR children. You have a right to:


*Know what the schools are teaching them.

*Protect them from age        inappropriate sexual content and prevent grooming.

*Know of any medical procedures performed on them.

*Choose what interventions  they have.


*Refuse government              intrusion into your family.

Economic Rights

This lock-down has affected us in so many negative ways. We have to address:

*Job losses.

*Business closures.

*Loss of 4 billion dollars in tax revenue.


*Delinquent child support.


*Late & non-payment of  unemployment benefits.


*Fraud at the Unemployment Department ​resulting in millions of OUR tax dollars missing.

Educational Rights

Our state constitution guarantees education for all children. We must address:

*Inequality in lock-down education.  


*The need for parental support.

*Funding that follows the student.

*Accessibility to internet for all students regardless of economic status or geographic location.

*Property tax relief.

*Fairness of admission policies.

I will introduce bills to address these issues. Public safety is very important to me and I will do what I can at the state level. Other bills I will introduce:  HOA Fairness, Unemployment Oversight, Tax Relief for small businesses, Affordable Housing,  Foreclosure Prevention and Protection, Ballot Privacy, Recognition of Junteenth,  Job Creation incentives, Public Safety. 


What do you care about? Call me and let's talk about possible legislation. 253-951-3721


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